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The August 2020 Contest

We are always excited to present the newest version of our contest. However, this month is extra special because the time and effort that went into creating it was 10x the normal amount. While we had finally gotten the last version of the contest to a point where it was setup automatically we knew we could do better.


There was a lot of room for improvements. One thing we wanted to make sure we did this time around is to offer value up front. In the past the only person who was rewarded for taking part in the contest was the winner. This website is about creating value and helping all artists on their journey to achieve their goals. In order to do this we decided to send everyone who enters the contest a free instrumental that can be used in any way they like.

To make it a bit more interesting, anyone who shares the contest has the chance to unlock even better beats. You can check how close you are to unlocking the new instrumentals on the confirmation page you went to after signing up.

To top off the gifts we decided to switch up the winning prize as well. Up until now we have been offering $100 as the grand prize. While it’s a decent prize, it doesn’t actually help you or any artist achieve their goals. In order to line up better with our core values we decided to team up with The winner of the August 2020 contest will get professional organic marketing done by for up to 3,000 new fans. While it may not seem like a lot to the people who already have millions of fans, for those of us just starting out 3,000 is a great platform to build on.


Aside from the improvements we also have many changes this month. Some of the changes we are very excited about and others not so much. If you have been enjoying the contests so far you know that first we let voting pick the winner. There was a few people who became upset when it seemed like someone was gaming the system with paid votes so we changed it so that we would choose one of the songs with the top 5 highest votes. This was a great feature however we were not able to include it in this month’s contest. Although it may take time to bring the voting back we will be working diligently to find ways to showcase artists who have joined the contest. One way we are doing that is through song reviews and interviews.

Another change we have made to the contest is how to enter. In the past there was at least 3 steps and links to click before you were able to have your submission in the contest. We think it should be as easy as possible to enter so now all you have to do is post your youtube video link, your email so we can let you know if you win and your name to enter. Nothing beats simplicity

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