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The August Contest Is Over. What Now?

Contest Is Over

To everyone who joined in on the fun of the August contest, thank you! It was by far the best contest we have had to date. We hit an all time high record for number of people to join. And, the quality of the entries was also on point! We could not have asked for a better turn out. Well now that no one else can enter what happens next you may be asking. Here are some important dates to look forward to.

September 10th

We take the first 10 days of the month to go over every entry in the contest. There was a lot of entries, so this part does take a lot of time. On the 10th of the month we will announce here and on facebook who the winner of the contest was. We will take the next few days to get their prize figured out and announce that as well.

September 14th

On the 14th we will have a new music contest. We will begin sending out messages on facebook groups and sending emails out letting everyone know that it’s back on for another month.

Aside from these two dates check out a new music video review every Saturday at 2PM EST.

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