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The August Share Champs

We are almost done listening to all of the awesome music that was entered into the August 2020 Music contest. There was so many bangers in the contest this month and while we are having a tough time with the ranking the easiest part is seeing the people who have shared.

Musicpyre is all about helping music artists grow, get acknowledged, make money and achieve their goals in the music industry. I can’t express the feeling when you share our contest, check out our articles and interact. So with that we would like to say thank you to the top 3 artists who shared this month’s contest. If you have any suggestions for a prize for having the most shares please comment them below.

  1. A Y Youngflow

With 74 points A Y Youngflow stood above everyone else with the sharing. We really appreciate it! We would share your video but the link wasn’t attached to your entry.

2. Bmoney Smug

Bmoney Smug was right on the cusp of taking over the number one spot but the contest was not long enough. With 64 points Bmoney had the second highest share points.


Finally GRITT Squared had the next highest share points with 51. A huge thanks to you. The music video was legit and we really appreciate you joining the contest!

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