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Redveil’s latest album is so good, even Tyler The Creator couldn’t resist an Instagram shoutout.





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Maryland rapper Redveil is outpacing his peers with his latest album Niagara. At only 16-year old, the artist is creating hip-hop tracks with some of the boldest and nuanced creators in the industry. 

In this album alone, the teenager joins forces with six other artists, including Chris Patrick, Cameron Bolden and Donte Thomas. 

Check out this clip of the song even Tyler The Creator shouted out. This is why you need to board this train and learn more about Marcus Morton.

Who is Redveil?

A new face in the rap game, Redveil has recently garnered a lot of attention. Real name Marcus Morton, Reveil began his music career when he was just 11 years old.

Drawing influence from artists such as Earl Sweatshirt, MAVI, and Joey Bada$$, Redveil distinguishes himself through his consistent delivery, producing professional tracks at such a young age.

This year, the artist started to gain notoriety when his “SoulFood” music video was retweeted the hip-hop account Shrek Knows Rap. The account over 100,000 followers and acted as a gateway for Marcus onto the professional scene.

From there, Redveil’s career has skyrocketed and gained an underground cult following.  

Tyler, The Creator co-signed his song “Drown” featuring Donte Thomas and D’Mari Harris, after seeing the Shrek Knows Rap tweet.

Tweeting a screenshot with the caption, “I like these wet ears,” the former Odd Future leader gave fans the hope of greater partnerships to come.

Album highlight: Niagara

Niagara shows an immense amount of potential for the Maryland artist. 

At 10 tracks long, Redveil displays and intelligent view of the world around him. His writing, delivery, and flows are all impressive for any artist, but especially impressive considering his age.

The opening track “Campbell” is the perfect example of that. The hip-hop artist incorporates elements of jazz and soul music, adding to his ability to express himself in a way that connects with the listener.

Jazz and classic genres can be hard to break down and interoperate, given the complex nature of their construction. However, Redveil demonstrates a clear understanding of the power of the genre, using it to full effect in the track.

Those who listen to the age-old genres are also considered to have a higher IQ, according to a recent Oxford Brookes University Survey. Redveil is not only demonstrating impressive knowledge and interpretation of the genre but is using it to create his own powerful melody.

Song Highlight: Drown

Drown is the ninth song on Niagara but it is potentially his best. The track boasts features from Donte Thomas & D’mari Harris, and mixes his unique understanding of the world with wordplay and complex instruments. 

As Redveil talks about the mental connection he has with a mystery girl and his struggle to move on from her, the vibey beat and punchy electro interludes shine through. 

The song poignantly finishes with a few seconds of chirping birds, as if his Drown was the release Redveil needed, and peace has finally bestowed on him mentally.

Watch the original visuals for “Drown” on YouTube, or listen to the full song here.

Keep listening to Redveil on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, or wherever you get your music—and for even more Redveil content, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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