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Yaw Geez: The Next Best Hip-Hop Artist You’ve Never Heard Of

East Coast-based artist Yaw Geez creates a blend of laid-back, old-school hip-hop and energetic modern vibes with a fresh sound that pays homage to the great artists he grew up listening to.

If you’ve never listened to this upcoming artist, check him out.

Who is Yaw Geez, Anyway?

Yaw Geez is a rapper, poet, and self-proclaimed “dope human.” Born Yaw Ofori-Atta in Hartford, Connecticut, in ’81, Yaw Geez made his official debut when he released his first mixtape, Entry Level, in 2010.

With music that combines classic hip-hop tracks and modern spoken word poetry, Yaw Geez produces Eastside sounds that will have you nodding your head wherever you are.

Although Yaw is from Connecticut, he maintains his Ghanaian origins at heart, and his sound emanates classically New York and East Coast vibes. Yaw’s background as a poet informs clever, witty punch lines woven together with lyrical mastery. His smooth flow transforms rapping into wrapping, establishing an aura that envelops and entrances the listener with every enunciation.

Album Highlight: You’re All Welcome

His 2019 album, You’re All Welcome, consists of nine well-crafted tracks. With samples that allude to East Coast artists like Method Man and Red Man, alongside his lyrical flow and strong voice, Yaw Geez’s third album continues to impress well into 2020.

Yaw Geez’s You’re All Welcome feels like an ode to New York City from the very beginning. From the city skyline cover art to storytelling that brings you onto the streets of NYC, You’re All Welcome is the perfect song for cruising down the street, sitting in traffic, or setting the mood.

Song Highlight: “What up Tho!”

“What up Tho!” is the second track on Yaw Geez’s album You’re All Welcome. From the very first beat, it’s easy to agree with Yaw himself when he says “my sh*t different,” and again later when he claims “my sh*t splendid.”

As Yaw Geez tells the story of his rise to success, he reflects on his humble beginnings and public perception throughout his journey. The vibrant piano, punchy drums, and seamless ad-libs create a flawless canvas for Yaw to speak about growth and triumph. The song finishes pointedly with a raw audio clip of a sports announcer claiming, “you’re not done working.”

Like the rest of his music collection, “What up Tho!” features Yaw Geez’s signature groove, lyrical style, and hard-hitting voice. With visuals recorded in the Big Apple, you can see Yaw Geez for yourself in his natural territory on the streets of New York, riding with his crew and spitting truths. 

Watch the original visuals for “What up Tho!” on YouTube, or listen to the full song here.

Keep listening to Yaw Geez on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Tidal, or wherever you get your music—and for even more Yaw Geez content, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


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