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Quise.B: Hip Hop Mastery You Haven’t Heard Yet





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With less than one thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, Quise.B has yet to be discovered by the world at large. That’s about to change.

With a voice that hits like honey, Quise.B produces smooth hip hop with electric sounds, touching on topics such as love and loyalty as he pulls his listeners in. Reminiscent of hip hop titans like Nelly and Usher, Quise.B’s music features his signature laid back vibes into each of his songs, often utilizing autotuned vocals and modern sounds.

If you’ve never listened to Quise.B, check out his song “No Games” here:


Who is Quise.B?

Currently based in Orlando, Florida, American rapper, songwriter, singer, and guitarist Quise.B was born and raised as Marquise Christopher Wayne Butcher in St. Louis, Missouri. Pronounced “keys-bee,” the stage name is an adaptation of the artist’s birth name.

Rightfully so, Quise.B maintains the roots he grew since he began making music at a very young age. At the age of 9, Quise.B’s local church and schools helped to foster his interest in music through activities such as choir, theatre, and talent shows. He first picked up the guitar at the age of 12 when he began teaching himself how to play. Quise.B’s passion for music shifted focus to indie and hip hop as he approached his teens.

He was only 18 when he first auditioned for Nick Cannon’s R&B search. He received a call back for the final audition, but unfortunately, his journey ended there. His mixed success encouraged him to dedicate more time and energy into his music, and he released his first EP, Half of It in 2015. Quise.B was only 16 when his music was first heard on the radio and when he held his first radio interview. Professional music experience soon followed as Quise.B collaborated with many artists, DJs, and producers, landing him exposure on channels like VH1 and BET.

Although Quise.B is a young artist, born in 1998, his sound is not immature. Let’s take a look at his freshest album.


Album Highlight: Round II

Quise.B creates a smooth opening to the album with synthetic keys and cloudy female vocals in “Make Love,” featuring Choyce Cincere. When the beat comes in, Quise.B’s voice explores the modern love song as an exploration of sex that transcends the physical. With the thick autotune that appears in many of Quise.B’s songs, he continues to solidify his signature sound.

As you play through the album, Quise.B’s style emerges. Most of his songs begin with chill vibes and light sounds that create a calming environment for Quise.B’s buttery vocals to step into.

Perhaps the exception to this is “Drop,” which sounds like a more classic hip hop track in terms of the ad libs and beat. A funky guitar riff (that may be performed by Quise.B himself) opens the song and immediately brings the listener in. As it continues to establish the melody of the song, Quise.B proves that he can produce music that fits perfectly onto chill, R&B, and party playlists.

Song Highlight: “No Games”

Originally released as a single in 2019, “No Games” reappears on Quise.B’s 2020 album Round II. Although it may be the most different from all the other songs on Round II, “No Games” still produces Quise.B’s iconic delivery of his lyrics with a combination of traditional hip hop raps with a songwriting singing voice.

“No Games” opens with an ominous piano track and maniacal laughter in the ad-libs. When he says, “I don’t play no games when it comes to this, believe that,” you might think the sound could surround topics of loyalty, relationships, or work—on all accounts, you would be right.

Quise.B begins “No Games” as an exploration of a female companion who didn’t support his goals of becoming a music artist. He recognizes that he “need[s] a different perspective,” whether it be his own internal compass or the attitudes that surround him. The song suggests that he decided to drop those who doubted him or stood in his way on his journey to success.

As he alludes to several other songs on his Round II album, Quise.B explores themes around his passion for music on a beat that hits differently than the rest of the songs on his latest album. He explicitly tells his audience about his refusal to back down as if he were already the king of hip hop. Although “No Games” retains Quise.B’s signature laid back vocalization, the beat and delivery hit hard to create a track that begs to be played loud.

To create a delightfully devious atmosphere, listen to “No Games” along with the visuals on YouTube. Produced by Send the Purge, the video appropriately appears to be filmed during a modern apocalypse with distorted visuals and lighting. As two villains in masks detain and taunt their victim, Quise.B delivers his artistry and changes the meaning of “No Games.” While it is unclear whether Quise.B is one of the rogues or chooses to avoid the “game” altogether is unclear.

Decide for yourself when you watch the music video for “No Games” on YouTube. 

If you want to listen to more of Quise.B’s music, check out his discography on:

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