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Cheffboy: On the verge





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Thomas Skinner, who’s better known as Cheffboy, is from Queens, New York. Following the likes of Action Bronson he’s projected to be the one best Chef rapper/producers in the US. When it comes to music he’s forever immersed from cooking, preparing and serving music for the soul.

Check out “Feel That Beat” below:


Who is Cheffboy?

Despite the strict rule of no secular music in church, a young Cheffboy would sneak drum samples from the forbidden songs. The Baptist church goers loved this and so he kept it going. From this combination of the basic principles from the bible with his love of Hard Hip hop and 90s R&B beats, the Cheffboy sound was created. Although Cheff has always had a love for music, the fear of losing his father to cancer saw him willing to give it all up. But, watching his father fight cancer with much courage, inspired him once again to share his music with the world. Cheffboy is currently releasing a new song every week from the project “Taste test”.

Cheff dreams one day influencing a whole generation of artists and producers. As the founder of the “Cheff Sound”, he wants to spread his Message; “Cheffboy, serving fresh music for the soul”.


His YouTube channel has a myriad of songs, all of quality. From Rush to Like Me and even the likes of Feel That Beat. His most recent project from earlier this year was Pain Go Away.

Song highlight – Feel That Beat

You really are forced to feel the beat when this song starts up. By the time the song ends, you feel like you’ve listened to something different. A short introduction to what he can do, Feel That Beat is a great marriage of the old and new. The rap accompaniment is a playful ride on the beat and the vocals at the end give another level of diversity to the song. Listening to the song definitely builds excitement to see what’s up next.



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