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Dibi: worth a listen





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Dibi has branded his flavor of singing along with the rap “Dibitiks”, termed after his first name.


Born in Port Elizabeth, a city of Benin in West Africa, Dibi is a hip hop lyricist. He graduated from film school in 2015. As an author, composer, and performer, Dibi loves to create international music. 

Dibi believes that music has no borders. He sings in Fon, a language spoken in Benin, in French and English. The songs he makes are a mixture of Beninese, HIP-Hop, Rap and R&B.

Dibi has also directed two of his music videos as well. The most popular being Golide, a song he created, that was in the Top 10 on Yfm’s Hot 99 Hip-Hop Chart. Although he has a few thousand views per video, Dibi Dobo is one of the most famous singers in Benin. 

Dibi got his name from the word Dibi Dobo which means Decibel, a unit used to measure Frequency or the loudness of the sound. This young artist has dreamt and thought about music ever since he was a kid, and he found a way to incorporate his passion for music into his name.

In 2000, Dibi joined a group, Def Lyrics, made of   6 young rappers from Cotonou, West Africa. He started partnerships with Kyasee, Monteano, and Duce. Since then he has worked on several projects with others and on tracks by himself.


Dibi Dobi has released a number of albums, with singles and collaboration with other singers as well. His confidence on stage and his freestyle resemble the most significant contemporary and the rappers of the past.

He has been nominated for his first album Soyimavo, and this album got tremendous acclaim. 


  • Soyimavo
  • Soyimavo II: Tour de Pise


  • La Puissance
  • Yinton nan gbonov
  • Assitche
  • Survoltage
  • Jany Non
  • Glo
  • Goumin goumin
  • Overtime (Tamin)
  • Kpekperero
  • DJI-Mahou
  • Q1 Son
  • Aziguii

Dibi posts every Friday on his social media a rendition of the most popular songs in his freestyle, titled #FreestyleFriday. He has released six videos in which he has covered local as well as international songs.


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