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Downtown Kyoto: Steady Rising

Downtown Kyoto




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It seems like each time Downtown Kyoto posts new music it continues to get better. Since only June 2020 Downtown Kyoto has released two new singles ‘ROX’ and ‘Do Better’ both improvements over the previously released song. Check out this clip of Kyoto’s track ‘Feels Like’ from June and let your imagination take you to the music coming out now.


I am Not Hull-born, but Hull-bred, Says Kyoto himself. Chiko, known by his name Downtown Kyoto, attended Kingswood Academy, where a fantastic music department helped him manifest his passion for music into reality. The kids were allowed to use the music studio for 3 to 4 hours. 

Kyoto, a teenage songwriter from Hull, used to record his music after school and had his songs played on Radio 1. Born in Zimbabwe, near Victoria Falls, and has lived in Hull since 2009. 

Later Kyoto started putting his music on SoundCloud without telling anyone. The infatuation was pretty strong with the hip hop and rap culture of music at that time.   

Kyoto has a strong personality as he understands the importance of connecting with one’s roots, which is essential for character development.

“But what really shaped my style was contemporary R&B, alternative pop, and rap” – artists like Brockhampton, Tyler The Creator, and Kanye West says Kyoto.

“Alternative punk is also really cool. I think it’s just about morphing and linking all these genres, so someone who listens to pop will listen to that alternative, then maybe rap, then will be comfortable listening to whatever.”

“Feels like” is one of the most popular and played songs of Kyoto, which was first aired on BBC Radio 1.  

And that expansive attitude to music is reflected in his viewpoint on his future creative career too.He said he does not want to be limited by the label of “singer/rapper,” instead preferring the term “artist.” 

Which could facilitate a leap into areas like clothing and fashion once he is more established musically and stable financially. One of the most important things for Chiko is to bring his successes back to his home city of Hull.

It’s just time for Hull, we were the City of Culture in 2017, and we do deserve recognition.

“I’m going to wear that on my chest for the remainder of my creative career. I want to be that person at Paris Fashion Week repping Hull, saying Hull has given me this and that.

“It’s just everything about Hull, the fresh air, the energy; it’s such a cultural influence on my work.

Downtown Kyoto is the youngest sensation in the world of the rap music industry and has followers that enjoy his freestyle rapping.






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