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KALI: The New Artist You Need to Know





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New Artist Feature: Rising Star KALI Sees Early Success

There’s a new indie pop-rock star on the rise, and although she’s only released one single so far, her nostalgic new release, “Back to the Start,” foreshadows her greatness. With strong basslines, evocative vocals, and stellar mixing, it comes as no surprise that KALI has been cultivating her passion for music for most of her life. 

Check out “Back to the Start” here:


Artist Biography: Kali Flanagan

Her stage name, KALI, isn’t far off from her given name, Kali Flanagan. Whether it’s her fans or her friends talking to her, KALI is herself. Although she puts on a show (and a good one at that), she isn’t afraid to be true to herself as she discovers what exactly that means.

Although she’s been musically involved for 12 years (since the age of four, to be precise), KALI’s professional career making music is just beginning. As a 16-year-old instrumentalist, singer, and producer, her youth lends her a unique sound influenced by a wide variety of artists, including Mac DeMarco, the Beatles, Frank Ocean, and Radiohead.

KALI has also stated that she hopes to one day shred like jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery. As she draws from both modern and classic inspiration, her own style emerges as one that is quintessentially indie with pop, rock, jazz, and psychedelic influences.

Based in Santa Monica, KALI is an artist who leads a normal teenage life, going to school, taking classes, and pursuing her passions in her down time. When she’s not spending time with friends, she’s usually creating something new in her studio.

KALI’s musical journal has also led her to perform at popular L.A. venues such as The Viper Rooms and The Smell with her band Big Wednesday. As she begins her journey as a solo artist, her musical skills on the guitar, bass, keys, drums, and violin are sure to aid in her ongoing success.


KALI’s Discography: “Back to the Start”

Picked up by producer Miro Mackie who you might know in relation to the Cold War Kids, St. Vincent, The Neighborhood, or Run River North, KALI gives her audience music that sounds professional and soars past anyone’s expectations for an artist’s debut single—especially when that artist is still a teenager.

Her single, “Back to the Start,” is her only professionally released song at the moment, but you can be sure there is more to come. Her debut single is a soulful ode to a rebound relationship. Exploring the complexities of navigating personal connections is no stranger to musical melodies, and KALI explores the topic in a way that adds something new to the scene.

With the assistance of Nate Lotz on drums and Daniel Chae on strings (who work with Halsey and Run River North, respectively), KALI’s first song hits home in every way. From her songwriting skills to her passionate vocals, the draw is in the details.

We rated KALI based on her discography (which, to be fair, is only one song at the moment)

If KALI continues on this path, which we expect she will, this won’t be the last time you hear about her.


To stay up to date on KALI’s new releases, songwriting process, and artistic journey, follow her on Instagram.

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