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Author: Musicpyre Editorial Team
Image of Downtown Kyoto

Downtown Kyoto: Steady Rising

It seems like each time Downtown Kyoto posts new music it continues to get better. Since only June 2020 Downtown Kyoto has released two new singles ‘ROX’ and ‘Do Better’ both improvements over the previously released song. Check out this clip of Kyoto’s track ‘Feels Like’ from June and let your imagination take you to […]

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Dibi: worth a listen

Dibi has branded his flavor of singing along with the rap “Dibitiks”, termed after his first name. Biography Born in Port Elizabeth, a city of Benin in West Africa, Dibi is a hip hop lyricist. He graduated from film school in 2015. As an author, composer, and performer, Dibi loves to create international music.  Dibi […]

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KALI Image for video back to the start

KALI: The New Artist You Need to Know

New Artist Feature: Rising Star KALI Sees Early Success There’s a new indie pop-rock star on the rise, and although she’s only released one single so far, her nostalgic new release, “Back to the Start,” foreshadows her greatness. With strong basslines, evocative vocals, and stellar mixing, it comes as no surprise that KALI has been […]

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cheffboy youtube thumbnail

Cheffboy: On the verge

Thomas Skinner, who’s better known as Cheffboy, is from Queens, New York. Following the likes of Action Bronson he’s projected to be the one best Chef rapper/producers in the US. When it comes to music he’s forever immersed from cooking, preparing and serving music for the soul. Check out “Feel That Beat” below: Biography Who […]

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JEREL: Old school in a new way

With a sound that can be described as a blend of the old and new school, Jerel Crockett wears many hats. He is a singer, musician, writer, producer, and big talent in R&B music. Jerel Crockett doesn’t, yet, share the same recognition as his Virginia predecessors. But, his skills and music have been more than speaking for […]

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Ason God Mode Thumbnail

Rappers to Watch 2020: Ason

I’m always looking for new hip-hop artists I haven’t heard of, and I recently stumbled upon Ason. When you listen to his music with awareness, you can hear his development as an artist, and his recent single, “God Mode,” will show you that he’s a new music artist worth hearing. Check out this clip of […]

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Redveil album cover

Redveil’s latest album is so good, even Tyler The Creator couldn’t resist an Instagram shoutout.

Maryland rapper Redveil is outpacing his peers with his latest album Niagara. At only 16-year old, the artist is creating hip-hop tracks with some of the boldest and nuanced creators in the industry.  In this album alone, the teenager joins forces with six other artists, including Chris Patrick, Cameron Bolden and Donte Thomas.  Check out this clip […]

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