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Author: Musicpyre Editorial Team
marketing strategy

Developing a Music Marketing Plan

Most musicians know how important it is to invest their time—and their money—into creating great music. They’ll get high-quality recordings (with a costly in-home studio setup or renting professional studio time) and pay for professional mixing and mastering to ensure their songs sound amazing. After recording, mixing, and mastering, there’s another crucial step—marketing. So many […]

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What is Musicpyre?

What is musicpyre?

We are a website dedicated to discovering new music. There are a lot of artists making music every day, and it gets very easy to get lost in the shuffle. Figuring out how to get your music in front of thousands of fans when you have never done it before can be a daunting task. […]

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Judas By CoUnT+MoNeT – Review

Check out this review of the song Judas by CoUnT+MoNeT! He was a contestant from our previous contest in which E-Cash won free music marketing for up to 3,000 new fans. We don’t know a lot about CoUnT+MoNeT yet but we will definitely be following his career and are really excited to see what he […]

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Studio Speaker

Best Studio Monitors Under $300

Why Every Professional Studio Needs Monitors If you’re serious about mixing music, you need a pair of high-quality studio monitors. Specifically designed to create the most accurate sound for editing, mixing, and mastering, every professional in the industry knows how essential these are for a hi-fi studio setup. If you’re building your studio set up […]

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Tik Tok By E-Cash – Review

Check out this review of the song Tik Tok by E-Cash. A contestant from our most recent music contest, E-Cash is definitely on the grind. A music artist starting as most do in school, E-Cash has over 10 years making music. The time definitely shows as this is a professional level production. The sound and […]

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October Updates

The October Updates

We would like to thank everyone who has already joined in on the fun this November. While it has been a great turn out so far we know we can do better and we will continue working hard to bring you the best music contests for up and coming music artists. While the contest won’t […]

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Audio Interface

Best Audio Interfaces Under $300

Why Invest in an Audio Interface? Whether you’re a beginner or expert audio engineer, musician, producer, or podcaster, you’ll need a quality audio interface. No matter what content you’re working with, if you want to record or playback high-quality audio, you’ll need an audio interface to improve the sonic qualities of your computer’s processing capabilities. […]

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