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What is Musicpyre?

What is musicpyre?

We are a website dedicated to discovering new music. There are a lot of artists making music every day, and it gets very easy to get lost in the shuffle. Figuring out how to get your music in front of thousands of fans when you have never done it before can be a daunting task. […]

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October Updates

The October Updates

We would like to thank everyone who has already joined in on the fun this November. While it has been a great turn out so far we know we can do better and we will continue working hard to bring you the best music contests for up and coming music artists. While the contest won’t […]

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Audio Interface

Best Audio Interfaces Under $300

Why Invest in an Audio Interface? Whether you’re a beginner or expert audio engineer, musician, producer, or podcaster, you’ll need a quality audio interface. No matter what content you’re working with, if you want to record or playback high-quality audio, you’ll need an audio interface to improve the sonic qualities of your computer’s processing capabilities. […]

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back like we never left

The October Contest Is Here

The October Musicpyre contest officially starts today! So far there have been a few pre-enters from September. There are a few things to note about the October contest that are different from any previous contest. The first difference is that this contest will go from October 1st through October 20th. We will reach-out to the […]

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We Are Starting A Youtube Channel

As it’s the beginning of our journey our videos may be a little raw. We’re still working through our process, How we’d like the videos to looks and all the other things that go into creating a great youtube channel. Once we’ve had some time to get a great experience together we will start working […]

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