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marketing strategy

Developing a Music Marketing Plan

Most musicians know how important it is to invest their time—and their money—into creating great music. They’ll get high-quality recordings (with a costly in-home studio setup or renting professional studio time) and pay for professional mixing and mastering to ensure their songs sound amazing. After recording, mixing, and mastering, there’s another crucial step—marketing. So many […]

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Studio Speaker

Best Studio Monitors Under $300

Why Every Professional Studio Needs Monitors If you’re serious about mixing music, you need a pair of high-quality studio monitors. Specifically designed to create the most accurate sound for editing, mixing, and mastering, every professional in the industry knows how essential these are for a hi-fi studio setup. If you’re building your studio set up […]

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Audio Interface

Best Audio Interfaces Under $300

Why Invest in an Audio Interface? Whether you’re a beginner or expert audio engineer, musician, producer, or podcaster, you’ll need a quality audio interface. No matter what content you’re working with, if you want to record or playback high-quality audio, you’ll need an audio interface to improve the sonic qualities of your computer’s processing capabilities. […]

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Best Studio Mics Under $300

Setting Up a Home Studio: Microphones Whether you’re setting up your home studio for the first time or trying to revamp a setup that already exists, purchasing a great mic should be at the top of your to do list. Any small artist knows that it’s hella expensive being a musician—so here’s a collection of […]

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Best Studio Headphones Under $200

Having the right set of headphones can be the difference between creating a banger and a song coming out sounding like trash. When considering which pair of headphones to get for your studio setup there are a lot more factors to consider than just budget and looks. The same way you can look at GB […]

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