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Tag: music review
KALI Image for video back to the start

KALI: The New Artist You Need to Know

New Artist Feature: Rising Star KALI Sees Early Success There’s a new indie pop-rock star on the rise, and although she’s only released one single so far, her nostalgic new release, “Back to the Start,” foreshadows her greatness. With strong basslines, evocative vocals, and stellar mixing, it comes as no surprise that KALI has been […]

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JEREL: Old school in a new way

With a sound that can be described as a blend of the old and new school, Jerel Crockett wears many hats. He is a singer, musician, writer, producer, and big talent in R&B music. Jerel Crockett doesn’t, yet, share the same recognition as his Virginia predecessors. But, his skills and music have been more than speaking for […]

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